Iatrogenic medical advice: Re. choline deficiency

For a brief period in my life, I listened to doctors to stop consuming eggs, which are very rich in choline. It is a myth that soy is also rich in choline – nowhere near as good as eggs. During that period, I was taking multivitamins that did not contain choline. Few did back then because the essentiality of choline was only accepted as of 1998. Prior to that doctors assumed that choline was not essential since it can be made from the essential nutrient methionine, which is found abundantly in animal products like eggs. However, that assumption proved to be wrong, as most people cannot make sufficient choline from methionine pools to meet their needs. The same is probably true of taurine, which will someday also be recognized as essential.

During that period in my life I was probably deficient in choline since I was not eating many animal products either. Who knows what long-term deleterious medical consequences I will have suffered, all for a false sense of security about cholesterol? Giving up eggs, which are rich in methionine and choline, is ridiculously bad medical advice to give someone who is not eating other animal products. Eggs are good for us. In all likelihood, consuming even a gram of cholesterol a day (about 5 eggs) is not harmful, provided one is meeting all other nutritional needs with a whole foods’ based diet.


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