Iatrogenic medical advice, continued

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol are conditions, not diseases. In general, conditions should not be treated with conventional medicines that have significant side effects. They should be treated with simple, easy changes in lifestyle (which includes diet). This approach is called “differential medicine.”

When a doctor tells a diabetic who is obese that diabetes is not curable except by massive weight loss, he is violating his Hippocratic oath – he is harming that patient. Why? Because the patient has been on many diets and has failed to lose weight. In the patient’s mind, the doctor is saying that his diabetes is un-curable, and that is manifestly false and harmful advice.

The condition of diabetes, type II, is curable without weight loss. It has been cured quickly by RNY gastric bypass long before significant weight loss. Another type of cure would be highly desirable since gastric bypass makes meeting basic nutritional requirements rather difficult.

Hypothesis: for most people in a newly diagnosed pre-diabetic state (fasting blood sugar 100-125), and many who are newly diagnosed diabetics, who have had normal fasting blood sugar for at least 30 years, the state is readily reversible without weight loss. In fact, in this hypothesis, the state of pre-diabetes can be reversed by a slight weight gain. For example, for most Americans, all they need to do is to consume an additional one pound of vegetables a day -half of which are raw dark green, leafy vegetables. Simple, easy change in lifestyle. In time, the diabetic condition will reverse itself. No other changes in diet or other lifestyle variables are required. No weight loss is required to reverse type II pre-diabetes. In cases of extreme stress, some other lifestyle variables must be improved (such as a reduction in the amount of nutritionally deficient comfort foods consumed daily).

For some malnourished vegans, the addition of about 1/2 pound of animal products in the form of dairy, eggs, meat, or fish will be helpful.


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