Mapping Diseases to the Brain

Hypothesis: The highly specific sites at which disease occurs map directly and indirectly to the regions of the brain that are stressed, conflicted, or “troubled.”

This of course explains why specialists cannot cure our diseases. Their attempts would be laughable if their failures did not leave us in such pain. As materialists, they are looking for the problems in all the wrong places. For example, doctors who treat inflammatory bowel diseases are simply baffled by them. How can healthy tissues be separated by closely spaced regions of diseased tissues? Why doesn’t the disease spread quickly and make a continuum? Well, for very specific reasons, diseases always start in highly specific places and the spread of disease is always “by our leave,” by our weaknesses. A continuum of disease is quite rare and is due to fundamental weaknesses – breakdowns in the defenses – in that system.

Of course biological agents are also involved in these processes, but they do their damage “by our leave,” by virtue of our weaknesses, many of which are mental, and many of those directly and indirectly traceable to mental conflicts, and their many sequelae.

But the biological agents are never the sole causes of the problems. For example, over 80% of people over 80 years old harbor Helicobacter pylori in their stomachs, but only a tiny percentage have stomach ulcers. Helicobacter pylori definitely does not cause stomach ulcers. That statement is medical rubbish. Of course a Nobel prize was awarded for that non-discovery of the cause of stomach ulcers. The same fiasco will probably repeat itself when some doctor discovers the “cause” of most inflammatory bowel diseases.


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