As a philosophy of science, materialism leads scientists to routine misinterpretations of data

Scientists with a materialistic approach to science say things like:

1. “The rhinovirus causes colds.” Why do some heavily exposed people not get colds?

2. “HIV causes AIDS.” Why do over 99% of health-care workers who receive needle sticks with HIV-contaminated blood not develop AIDS?

What would the infection rate be without the quick medical attention so many medical professionals receive? Don’t know – but it would not be nearly 100%, the number expected if HIV were THE CAUSE of AIDS.

3. “A large number of people died of Salmonellosis in a recent food-borne outbreak.” Why do many people who ate just as much of the same contaminated food not even get diarrhea?

4. “An atherogenic diet causes atherosclerosis.” Why do some people eat lots of red meat and never get it? It’s not genetic – virtually all of us can do this, if we eat a proper diet along with all that red meat.

The emphasis in their bogus interpretations is on “material causes.” Yet, there is no such thing as a material cause. All of those “causes” or “agents” work only “by our leave.” They work only if we have let ourselves become vulnerable to them. If we eat poorly, stress ourselves needlessly, sleep poorly, are physically inactive, and do not otherwise take care of ourselves.

In explaining why some people fall ill while others, exposed to the same or greater doses of the “agent,” do not, there is one thing more important than all of the material causes, and that is all of the things that we are NOT doing: when we do NOT eat right, we weaken our defenses. When we do NOT master stress and when we do NOT sleep well, we need even more nutrition to battle the ill effects, and yet when we are exhausted and over-stressed, we tend to avoid physical activity, we tend to seek comfort foods, which makes us even weaker. In this way, exhausted, stressed, and poorly nourished, we become more vulnerable to everything that is preying on us, and some things that are normally quite harmless. The resistant ones are the least stressed, the most physically active, the best rested, and the best nourished (hint: the best nourished are rarely vegetarians).

This is what materialistic scientists miss all the time in their interpretations. Their data are fine; their interpretations are routinely bogus.

The philosophy that underlies this approach is called “mathematical nihilism” – it has nothing to do with ordinary nihilism. It is a metaphysical doctrine that states that every complete conservation law in physics must sum to zero in the multiverse. This philosophy alone can explain the following diverse phenomena: why philosophical [like materialism or the will-to-power of Nietzsche] and psychological monisms [Freud’s early theories, prior to his more dualistic approach with eros and thanatos] make poor accounts of observables, why there are conservation laws in physics, why the universe is mostly empty space, why the atom and even protons and neutrons are mostly empty space, and why Darwin’s most surprising idea (that greater, more complex forms of life evolved from lesser, simpler forms of life) MUST be true.

For more on this unique philosophy and its profound effects on scientific interpretation, see my books: Maximum Irony and Crazy or Just Crazy Enough to be True This book is FREE.


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