Controlling medical costs, Part II

By a simple declaration, we could greatly reduce medical costs now and in the future. But are we man enough?

Here is the declaration, “On my sacred honor, I will take no extraordinary steps to artificially prolong my life beyond the bounds which nature herself has set.”

For example, I will neither authorize nor request a heart or liver transplant. I will neither authorize nor request a heart bypass operation. I will never receive kidney dialysis. I refuse to live on life support.

I will accept a short course of antibiotics to help fight an infection, as an obvious extension of ancient and inexpensive herbal therapies for infections. I will accept surgery to remove an inflamed appendix. Etc. Short courses and single events, but no chronic treatments of any kind – not even insulin for diabetes or any drug for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. No expensive, chronic chemo for cancer, but I will try any reasonable, natural and inexpensive treatment to cure cancer. I will accept a single surgery to remove a tumor, as even the ancients could have done that, but no second or third surgeries.

Along with this goes the noble duty of death with dignity. A diagnosis of ALS or Alzheimer’s Disease and such like are death sentences that should be met with a graceful, well-timed exit from life. Our absurd laws need to be changed so that others are not punished for our self-sacrifice made for the good of others, particularly caregivers.


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