Nourish yourself completely with just one delicious Square Meal, enjoy all of your favorite foods the rest of the day, and be as healthy as your genes and your stress management allow

Modern medical scientists disparage or ignore data (for example, Weston Price’s) that flat out contradict their interpretations. This is wrong. The correct procedure is to either invalidate these data or synthesize the validated (or presumptively valid) data into a coherent whole.

Because of this error in judgment, doctors have concocted many unbalanced and inadequate diets that are too narrowly focused on weight loss. Worse, their impractical weight loss diets do not even yield lasting results (on average, about 5% weight loss, regained before 24 months).

When the data of Weston Price and others are integrated into the modern data, a coherent picture emerges in which the emphasis for the maintenance of health shifts dramatically toward the importance of whole food-based, personal nutrient (essential plus V3) sufficiency. Calories/exercise are secondary, and most of the things that obsess modern doctors, including cholesterol and saturated fat, while still important, fade into the background.

This book is not about weight loss, but about a more enjoyable path to better health through better nutrition at any given weight. A properly nourished body finds its own situation-dependent ideal weight, and although excess weight correlates with higher risk of disease, excess weight is not itself a disease. In fact, excess weight is not the sole cause of even a single disease.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is much-maligned. In reality, the average American’s diet is not so far off the mark, even in caloric content, and the book presents a simple formula to correct the shortcommings of our favorite meals in the SAD by converting them into quasi-Square Meals, while preserving the flavor. A “Square Meal” has just 700 calories and is composed of whole foods, four parts vegetables, one part complete protein source (meat, fish, dairy, or methionine-supplemented legumes), which exceeds the recommended daily amounts of all essential nutrients. Square Meals are so filling and satisfying that some people are full before they have finished them.

Sample Square Meal Recipes are included with each of the major protein sources.

This book also includes a list of the most nutritious foods and food groups based on the ratio of total nutrition per calorie. A food pyramid, quite unlike the classic pyramid of USDA or the new vegetarian pyramids, is suggested by simply eating more of the more nutritious food groups. In this way, significant variety is balanced with greater nutrition. Meat, packing more nutrition per calorie than whole grains, is favored over grains in the Square Meal Diet in spite of meat’s higher contents of cholesterol and saturated fat, because overall personal nutrient sufficiency is more important to the maintenance of health than the amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat in foods.


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