Ill-health is a powerful downward spiral

Assumption: The healthier a body is – other things being equal – the more vitamin C it secretes into gastric juice.

If the assumption is true, then an unhealthy body secretes little vitamin C into gastric juice. An unhealthy person on the Atkins’ diet eats lots of carbohydrate-free, nitrite-seasoned, heterocyclic amine-containing bacon, but drinks no orange juice, which would at least inhibit the formation of nitrosamines. In doing this, an unhealthy person slightly increases his risk of cancer from both nitrosamines and heterocyclic amines, and increases the risk of other health problems by eating such nutritionally unbalanced meals.

A healthy person secretes copious vitamin C into gastric juice, eats a balanced breakfast containing bacon or other preserved meats, and has no need to skip the orange juice, but is protected from nitrosamine formation even if he has none. A healthy person enjoys bacon in moderation, and has a lower risk of cancer (from the lower quantity of ingested heterocyclic amines and the higher level of total nutrition), and of other health problems.


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