Ignoring early warning signs: A favorite habit of doctors

A patient complains of constipation and dry scaly skin. The doctor merely treats the constipation and refers the patient to a dermatologist for the skin problems. The patient complains of headaches and confusion and the doctor treats the headache and explains away the confusion. The patient develops repeated urinary tract infections, and the doctor treats those. When the patient develops kidney stones, the doctor finally deals with the issue of dehydration.

Is the same true of other problems?

Consider bowel problems. The stressed-out patient generates too much stomach aicd, takes too many NSAIDs and complains of heartburn (due in part to stomach lining erosion, as prostaglandins are key to regenerating the mucus lining in between meals). Nothing is done about the stress or the excessive use of NSAIDs, which in the case of paracetamol/acetaminophen can lead to signficant liver damage as well. The doctor treats the heartburn/GERD with either H2 histamine blockers or proton pump blockers. Chronically – against the label for the pump blockers. No change in lifestyle to deal with the stress, no change in diet and food preparation methods (to improve digestibility) are prescribed. No digestive enzymes are prescribed. No probiotics or probiotic yogurt is prescribed. No sublingual vitamin B12 is prescribed. Over time, bowel problems slowly develop (poor digestion means inadequate nutrition (many deficiencies) -including B12 deficiency, as strong stomach acidity triggers the release of intrinsic factor- for the patient, which sets up a host of microbiological defense problems, and provides more food -specifically more protein for putrefactive organisms- for all organisms of the stomach, small intestine and bowel; failure to properly acidify stomach contents allows more pathogenic organisms to live in the stomach, small intestine, and colon. The doctor does nothing until the problems advance to the level of severe diarrhea, diverticulitis or IBS.

How many people follow this sad course (By the way, on the way to IBS, one might also lose one’s gallbladder, further reducing nutritional status and microbiological defense capability)? Especially smokers, whose habit irritates the esophageal sphincter, setting up complaints, and either GERD or a misdiagnosis of GERD. Who goes back and tries to trace this sad course?

Our lack of a quality universal medical database makes checking for all of these connections nearly impossible. Naturally enough, if the drug companies know anything, they are on the QT. Meanwhile, if they are fully aware of these problems, they are busily developing new drugs to treat the sequelae of all of their other drugs. For the most part, drugs are a waste of time and money, and an impediment to healing.


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