Prescription drugs are poor substitutes for the proper nutrition that should in theory restore loss of function if caught early enough.

When one takes a diuretic to lower blood pressure, e.g., little thought is given to the side effects since uncontrolled high blood pressure (HBP) is so harmful to health. “Little” thought – one thought that gets doctors’ attention is the flushing of potassium by over-stimulated kidneys because the potassium deficiency that could result would be fatal more quickly than HBP. Doctors correct for that by co-prescribing large potassium pills. But what about all of the other minerals being flushed by the diuretic? Could not the aggregate effect of the loss of these be just as bad as HBP, if not worse? Incredibly, a mild zinc deficiency, which can occur with long-term diuretic use, is not even considered worthy of treatment. Yet, over time, who knows what could be attributed to this zinc deficiency? About 300 proteins will function less well because of this. Global gene expression patterns will be altered. Mild immunodeficiency and a greater risk of cancer, and poor immuno-modulation and a greater risk of autoimmune disease, etc.

If the effect of the diuretic were corrected with appropriate doses of all known essential minerals (less sodium and chloride) being overexcreted, it would be preferable to just a potassium pill, yet FDA does not require this. I would not allow the diuretic pill to be manufactured and sold without the potassium and the minor minerals.

In the same vein, to increase the therapeutic index (S/N) of all drugs, I would not allow any pharmaceutical pill to be sold without the compensating nutrients. For example, one should not allow statins to be sold without CoQ10, squalene, dolichols, etc. One should not rely on doctors to co-prescribe or on patients to take all of these separately.


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